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Adjustable Phone Clip Holder

$39.90 USD

1. Mount Adapter:
Easy-to-use, works with any smartphone model, can be used with a case, or waterproof case. The product makes it easy to take hands free video with your phone during almost any activity.
2. Use your own devices:
You don't have to be a PRO to takes hands free video. Try this simple mount for capturing hands free video with the HD device you already own. It tilts to capture whatever view angle you choose.
3. Compatible with any smartphone:
This product makes a great gift for almost anyone with a smartphone.
4. The Mount is a sport mount that allows you use a smartphone for action video recording.  This universal mount uses to large suction cups which attach to the screen, then wrap the elastic grippy strap around the device to ensure it hold nice and tight.  
Clip size for phone :5cm-10cm
All parts of Anti Slip Drawstring all compatible
mounted on the head to use , can also be mounted on the helmet and elastic adjustable to fit various specifications headband , millet  3.5-6.8inch Phone GOPRO ant camera motion models SJCAM the head fixing belt .
HD motion camera worn on the head features GoPro special type headlamp headlight fixed belt can be fixed on safety hat or head with a single universal size GoPro Head Strap Mount GoPro adjustable fixture fixed position fixed nylon belt and polycarbonate fixture design fixed belt on the back of the design
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